ISSN 2676-2056

The International Journal
Of Writing and Mobility
N°5 (Nov. 2022)



Shelby Ward, “Poetic Mapping: A Feminist Reading of Place and Movement with Elizabeth Bishop's Cartographic Imagination”. 1-22.


Javier Arroyo Bretaño, “New Internet Textualities as     Post-Translated Phenomena: the Palimpsestic Nature of Bardcore, Social Media Posts and Fandom  Art”. 23-41.

Shwetha Elsa,
“Of Migration and Translation: How Immigrants Translate and are Translated in Jhumpa Lahiri's „Interpreter of Maladies' and Leila Aboulela's The Translator”. 42-56.


Mary Vogl, “An Indecent Society: Humiliation as a Catalyst for Migration in North and West African Novels in French”. 57-83.


Evelyne Accad, “Writing, Language, Music, Exile and Dialogue in Lebanese Women Writers”. 84-101.


M. Anjum Khan,  Bycel, Lee T. Refugees in America: Stories of Courage, Resilience, and Hope in Their Own Words” (2019). 102-105.

About the Authors. 106 - 107.


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