N°4 (Nov. 2021)

Mildred Mortimer, Rethinking Mobility: Leïla Sebbar’s Sherazade Trilogy. 1-15.

Jaime Moreno-Tejada, “Theodore Roosevelt, Karl Marx, and the Global Frontier”. 16-36.

Dana Papachristou, Offline Networks: Faciality Machine and the Digital Self: The Case of PirateBox Offline Network as Art Mediation. 37-57.

Monica Garoiu, Between Exile and Nostalgia: A Reading of Milan Kundera’s Ignorance. 58-74.

Djouher Benyoucef, “Ecological Alienation in The Woodlanders (1887): The Repercussions of Industrialization and Mobility on Human-Nature Relationship”. 75-91.

Prameela K. Prabhakaran, Gender and Caste Encounter with Travel Writing:An Analysis of Existing Women’s Writing and Travel Experiences of Dalit Women from Kerala. 92-118.


Pulkita Anand, The Rhythm of Locality: A Travel through Arun Kolatkar’s Poem. 119-136.


About the Authors. 137-138.



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